Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

I have to give a shout out to MLK, without him, I would be teaching a comprehension toolkit lesson to my first graders at this exact moment. Then we would be rushed to clean up, line up and get to specials because we were so engaged in our lesson and lost track of time. 

Instead, I got to sleep in till 9, watch the inauguration, catch up on all of my blogs, take an hour long bubble bath, listen to our puppy cry (all morning), and plan our meals. Days off from work are awesome and normally productive but my production level is down today... I would love to say that our house is clean, laundry is done, and all of the dishes are put away but that has just not happened and probably won't. My to-do list has been pushed to the side and I am relaxing ALL DAY LONG! I am getting ready to head to the grocery store which is seriously one of my favorite things to do (I know, strange). The meals that I posted about having last week were all amazing! I did change it up a little bit and did not end up making the soup. It wasn't cold enough and I didn't feel like putting that much effort in. 

Here are our meals for the week:

Monday- Stir Fry

Tuesday- Matt's Mexican Restaurant 
We used to have our out to eat nights on Wednesday. It was the perfect night, middle of the week and helped us get through the rest of the week. Well, I got an email from Matt's the other day and it said their specials were Tuesday nights. 

Wednesday- Breakfast for Dinner
This is one of my favorite meals for dinner and we have it for dinner every other week or sometimes every week! 

Thursday- Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas
My husband loves to grill but with him getting home late each night, we would be eating later than I prefer. I have been searching for meals I could make that would be similar to grilling (but definitely not the same). I hope these are as good as they look. 

There is no point in posting our meals for Friday & Saturday because they will most likely change according to our plans. 

Have a great week! 


Married...with a Pup said...

Yay for days off!! I'm trying to be a little productive, but like you will probably just push aside my to-do list! I'm making my shopping list right now but I hate going to the grocery store!

Kristen said...

Sometimes you just need to take a day for yourself! And though you didn't do some stuff, you got stuff done! ;)

Those fajitas sound so good!

Lia Joy said...

So jealous of a day off! And I love going grocery shopping too :)

Lilly PG said...

I'm just sad I don't see you at the grocery store anymore! Dinners sound delicious!

Noel Marie said...

Heyyy just made that chicken dish off pinterest that you have came out delicious!

Found your blog through the Social...just a couple days late! If you get a chance swing on by and follow back, love seeing new faces around my bloggy blog!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

sounds like you enjoyed your day off! i love the idea of baking chicken fajitas, no need to go outdoors and grill during the winter just put them in the oven!