Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Vacation & Meal Plan!

Hello Blog World!! 

I have missed writing but have done a good job about keeping up with your blogs! There have been so many announcements about weddings, babies, house buying, etc. & that is definitely not why I have been gone! I stopped blogging a few months ago because it became a chore and kinda stressful. I would think to myself that I haven't blogged in a few days but really wanted to. I was so (and still am) so busy with the happenings of every day life that I just couldn't keep up. I can't promise that this will be a frequent thing again but I do miss posting our meal plans, about our weekend, and other random life events. I will blog when I want to and definitely not let myself stress about it! 

Now that I babbled for a bit, here is our meal plan for the week!

Sunday- Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops
YUM!! This was my second time to make these and they are so good and super easy to make! The only thing I recommend is to get pork chops on the thinner side. It really doesn't matter, but the thicker they are the longer they take to cook. Last night we had these with rice, salad, and bread!

Monday- Cheez-It Chicken Fingers
I am looking for new, easy, weeknight meals! I have never made these but like all of the ingredients so I am hoping they are good! These come from one of my favorite food blogs and a place that I get a lot of my meal ideas from. 

Tuesday- I will pick up something on the way home. I have a leadership meeting to go to for work. 

Wednesday- This is our night to go out to eat!! We used to go to Texas Roadhouse every Wednesday but our last few visits have not been that great so we have moved our weekly date night to a mexican restaurant called Matt's. 

Thursday- Sausage Gravy Breakfast Bake

I hope everyone had a great start to their week! I am looking forward to having next week off and going home to visit with family!