Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Year in Review

I feel like everyone says this during this time of the year, but I cannot believe another year is quickly coming to an end. We have had so many blessings this year and it was so exciting to look back through all of our pictures. I'm sure 2013 will have many exciting things in store for us but before we move on, here is a quick review of some of the most memorable times of 2012. 
Rang in the new year at a friends house!
Prepping of our lot began
House was framed!
Signed up to sell Scentsy!! 
6th annual ski trip to Santa Fe, NM
(& a horrible, horrible haircut that will never ever happen again!)
House was bricked
Lots of progress had been made on the house
Concert with friends
Closed on our house! Sadly, I can't find a picture from closing but here is one celebrating!
Brought home our new baby
Celebrated a friends wedding (p.s. please ignore my ghostly color...gross.)
Went to the Byron Nelson
Celebrated our 1st anniversary at the same restaurant we celebrated our engagement at. 
Planted baby trees in our backyard
Stood as a Matron of Honor in one of my best friend's wedding
Hubs and I at the wedding
Had our 1st get together at our new house
Finally met Lia at a tailgate in CS 
Tailgated in Dallas for the SMU game
More tailgating
Must have been a laid back month. I don't have any pictures that really document anything other than our growing puppy!
Put up our first tree!
Enjoyed a fire while watching football in our backyard
Celebrated Christmas in Houston
Enjoyed (kinda) our 1st snow in our house

There you have it, our 2012 year in review! I am so exciting about 2013. I have a feeling big things are going to happen! Stay tuned to find out...!!! (Leave a comment if you posted a year in review on your blog, I love reading these kind of post!)

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Goals

I have done a few posts in the past where I list my monthly goals and sometimes follow up and other times not. I found a fun link up that I am hoping will hold me more accountable in the month of December! Go check out the amazing blogs from the wonderful link up hostess, Meghan, Meghan, and Lori. This is my first time to participate in the "Go For The Goal" link up and I know yall are as anxious to read my goals as I am to post them so here ya go...

one. finish all of my Christmas shopping by Dec. 15th! I stress myself out every year and am determined to avoid last minute shopping.

two. walk/run with our crazy puppy at least 3 times per week. (This will benefit both of us! Me= Hope to lose a few pounds & Zieg= Release a ton of energy before bedtime!)

three. drink only 1 coke zero a day. I am an addict, I admit it. 

four. to go along with the goal above, drink MORE water. I do not drink enough and really think this will make me feel better everyday. 

five. lose 6 pounds. For those that know me IRL, this might sound like a silly goal but my pants are snug, my shirts are tight and I don't like the way my clothes are fitting lately!

six. keep up with laundry. My husband and I are horrible at this. We wait till everything is dirty and then spend an entire weekend doing laundry. 

seven. keep up with our budget. We have a good idea where our money goes every month but definitely have areas that we can cut back. (Note to self... stay out of Target!)

eight. post and stick to our meal plan each week. With the holidays upon us, we are busy and not home as much as I would like to be. 

nine. hang our dining room curtains and find curtains for our living room.

ten. post at least once or twice a week. Big goal, I know. 

What are your goals for the month of December? Link up with Meghan, Meghan, and Lori and check out everyone else's goals!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meal Plan

Chris was out of town at our deal lease this weekend. Unfortunately, he did not get anything but sounds like he still had a good time. He comes home for a few days and then is headed out of town again. Me time is nice every now and then but I miss him when he's gone. Hunting season provides lots of time to myself and I am over it! This weekend was pretty low key. I spent a lot of time doing things around our house and will have a post revealing most of it later this week. Since Chris will be out of town most of the week/weekend, our meals are pretty simple. 

Sunday- Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops
These have become an every other week meal in our house. They are so good and super easy! 

Monday- Crock Pot Roast

Tuesday- Hamburger Helper

Wednesday- Saturday- I am on my own and will eat whatever I have at home or whatever sounds good!

I don't like cooking for one and promise our next weeks meal plan to be amazing! What's on your menu for the week?