Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

Today is like an extra Saturday for me since I am off tomorrow (Thank you MLK!) so I have not meal planned for the week. I have linked up with Ashley and Neely for Sunday Social before but it has been a while and I like this topic so here we go... 

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food

Cheeseburger, Chicken Fajitas, & Breakfast Food (bacon, pancakes, waffles, hash-browns, eggs, etc.) 

2. First 3 things you do in the morning

Push snooze on my alarm 2 or 3 times, go to the bathroom, let Zieg out. (Ace stays asleep while I get ready and goes out when Chris gets up.)

3. Last 3 things you do at night

Brush my teeth, check fb, instagram, & twitter, and kiss my husband goodnight.

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss

The news, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Undercover Boss

5. 3 places you want to visit

Hawaii, New York, and I would love to go back to Antigua. 

6. 3 people you can always count on
My husband, my family, and my close friends (more than 3 but what can I say, I have a lot of special people in my life). 


Dana + Ryan said...

Love your blog! Just found it from the link up! :)

Allison said...

Enjoy your day off today!! I'm staying in my pjs all day! :)

Kristen said...

Breakfast food = the best!!

Sarah Tucker said...

Kawaii/Kauai...ummm totally worth the plane ride! And not as expensive as people think...

New ALL TIME favorite city! I wish Chris would whisk me away there, but that is only me dreaming :)

Can't help with Antigua, lol!