Sunday, January 6, 2013


Is the last day of our amazing weekend! Not only that, it is the last day of my Christmas vacation. This break has been exactly what I needed to start the new year off right. We had a wonderful Christmas with our families, brought in the near year at home, just the two of us, with Mexican food and wine & then celebrated an Aggie win at the Cotton Bowl. I have been off since Dec. 21st and although I would love to lounge around and be a bum a few more days, I am ready to get into a schedule and see my students. I am ready for my new diet to begin tomorrow (although I have stuck to 1 coke a day since Jan. 1st) and for ours meals to be planned and ready for the week!

Our meals this week are nothing new and are meals we have had before. Getting back into real life will take a while!

Sunday- Leftover hamburgers from our get together last night

Monday- Stir Fry

Tuesday- Crock Pot Roast

Wednesday- Matt's (Mexican restaurant near our house)

Thursday- Breakfast for dinner which includes eggs, hash-browns, bacon, and cinnamon roll waffles

Friday- Probably go out to eat

Saturday- Husband will grill something

I also wanted to include Day 2 of the 30 day challenge I am doing because I haven't posted another day from it since last week!

Day 2: Meaning Behind Blog Title
I think this is a boring topic lol because my title is pretty self explanatory... Moments Like This means exactly what it says. My blog includes moments that happen in our lives that I feel should be documented! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and start to their week! 


Allison said...

My Christmas vacation ends today too. Boo hoo! I am excited to see my students, but my brain is not ready to go back to work!! Good luck tomorrow!


Love the idea that you plan your weekly meals out! I try to do that for a two week span - for groceries but always end up just 'wingin' it'. Kudos! hope you have a great day back to work & so glad to hear you had a great holiday break! Cozy NYE's are awesome, have no idea why I always fussed over going out. <3. Amy

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love that you are planning out your meals for the week. I have thought about doing that as well, but sometimes we plan something in the morning and by the time dinner rolls around neither one of us feel like it. BUT, I do think it would help me stay more organized!