Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vegetable Garden

Every since I can remember, my family has had a vegetable garden. I have wanted one of my own since we moved in our house but last year we moved in in May and we were past the planting time frame. 

I went to Home Depot the other day and picked up a couple pots and vegetable plants to start a small garden. I finished planting them and was so proud. My plan was to start off small and grow more and more each year. 

Chris saw how excited I was and said that he would build one a real garden for me. Nice! We have rabbits in our backyard so we needed an above ground garden. Off to Home Depot we went again!

Picking out the wood!

 Got all of the wood cut and making sure it all goes together the way it is suppose to.

 Had to move it to the backyard to finish putting it all together because it was really heavy.

Dogs supervising! 

Mixing the different kinds of dirt together. (This was a pain) 

Garden is in place and half way filled!!  

This is where we learned a lesson the hard way... we had filled the box with all of the dirt and then I thought about our sprinkler system. Our convo went a little something like this...

Me- I wonder where the sprinkler head is.
Chris- Why did you just know think of that?
Me- I don't know but maybe we should turn them on and check...

I did not take any pictures of this part because Chris and I were beyond annoyed that neither of us had thought of this before hand. Needless to say, the sprinkler head was right in the middle of the box and sprayed dirt ALL over the place when it came on. We had had enough for the day, ordered pizza, and went to bed! 

We woke up Sunday morning ready to figure out what we were going to do. We ended up removing all of the dirt, moving the box to a different spot in the yard, filling it again, and then planting the plants. Below is the final product & I love love love it!! 

We are growing green, red, and yellow bell peppers, okra, 2 kinds of jalapenos, cucumbers, and strawberries. I can't wait for them to start growing and producing! I will definitely post an update in a few weeks. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meal Plan

I'm back!! I have missed blogging so much lately but just have not been able to find the time to do it. I just got home from the grocery store with lots of new stuff (I have to stop going while I am hungry!!!) and was planning to make dinner. My husband was on our back porch watching baseball when I got home and he asked what was for dinner. I told him enchiladas and he went said how about I grilll... WHA??!! He loves to grill but we worked in the yard yesterday and today and I figured that would be the last thing he wanted to do tonight. So, here I am relaxing and enjoying that I am not making dinner! 

Speaking of dinner, this whole not blogging thing also means that I have not been meal planning for a LONG time. This may sound silly but I get a lot of anxiety when I haven't planned or we don't have what we need for dinner at home. This is my first "real" week back into meal planning and I am so excited (maybe I need to get a life, ha)!

On the menu this week:

Sunday- Grilled pork chops
Monday- Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday- Spaghetti w/bow tie pasta
Wednesday- Weekly date night to Matt's
Thursday- Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups
Friday- Saturday- Plans are up in the air. Either way, we will be going out to eat with family! 

If you post your weekly meal plan to your blog, please leave me a comment letting me know! I love to look at other meal plans. I frequently run out of new ideas for dinner. 

& what is a post without pictures... here is a bit of what we have been up to. More to come later this week!