Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. Goals

I am back and feeling 100% better! Getting sick and it lasting on and off for 3 weeks or so is exhausting. Today was definitely a MONDAY and I don't want this post to turn negative so please know that I am enjoying my fourth second glass of wine and waiting for The Bachelor to start!

I started the year by posting my yearly goals but want to focus more on some month to month goals rather than the entire year! I missed January because I was caught up with the holidays, getting back into the swing of reality & school, and then got sick. So, here we go with my Feb. goals. I decided to keep them short since it is a short month...

1) Some kind of exercise 3 times a week. This can as simply as taking our crazy, energetic puppy on a walk. It really is more then I have been doing!

2) Not spend more than I have budgeted for my fun money for the month. 

3) Keep up with grades. Every 6 weeks I say to myself that I will NOT get behind in grading and will be prepared for progress reports and report cards.

4) Drink more water and less soda. I would say 1 coke a day but that went out the window Feb. 2nd... oops! 

So, those are my goals for Feb. I hope I achieve all of them and WILL do a follow up at the end of the month. & because I don't like post without pictures, here are a few of my favorite valentine's day pins from pinterest... you can follow me here.

(Love this ladies blog, she has such fun decorations!!)


Krista said...

I love that X O wreath on the door! So cute :)

Kristen said...

You can do it!! :)