Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 1!

Now that I have committed and hope to complete the 30 topics I recently posted about, I have so many ideas of other topics I want to write about! I said yesterday, that the 30 posts will not be done in 1 month and more like 2 months. I still want to blog about our meals for the week, life events, and other random thoughts I may have. So, here we go with day #1:

Introduce, Recent Picture, & 15 Facts

My name is Allison! I am a happily married wife, mother of 2 dogs, and teacher of 42 kiddos. My family means the world to me and I would much rather stay home, order a pizza, and cuddle up with hot chocolate and a movie, then get all dressed up and go our for a night. My husband and I live around 4 hours from our immediate family but have wonderful friends that live near by. We recently moved to a suburb of Dallas and love our new neighborhood and neighbors. You can look back through my blog to see the process of signing, building, and moving into our house. We still have lots of decorating to do and have big plans for this new year!

This is one of the only pictures from Christmas that we took (which is why I didn't do a recap! We had a wonderful Christmas with our wonderful family).

15 Facts:
1) I have baby fever (more on that soon)!
2) I have had the same routine while getting ready in the morning since high school.
3) I have my Masters in Administration & have no idea when or if I will ever use it.
4) I work with an amazing group of people everyday and feel very blessed to have the job I do!
5) I have no self control when it comes to Target, Hobby Lobby, & Home Goods.
6) I could never be a stay at home wife (I realize I say that not having children & it could change).
7) I have major anxiety about things I cannot control.
8) I always want a new car (& am currently/kinda in the market for one).
9) Wearing jeans to work makes me a better teacher.
10) I am terrified to ever color my hair after loosing a lot of it after getting highlights.
11) I have so many ideas on how I want to decorate our house but have a hard time bringing them together.
12) I have an Etsy shop that you can check out here
13) I sell Scentsy & you can shop here.
14) I have a 23 year old sister, 10 year old brother, and 7 year old little sister that mean the world to me.
15) I am obsessed with social media!

Happy New Year again!! 


Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh that photo of you and your hubby is adorable! also wow you teach 42 students, props to you. number 11 is me too i have ideas but can't seem to commit or finalize how i really want to decorate

Kristen said...

I have baby fever bad too! I really want a job first though....we'll see!