Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ideas for the new year!

Everyone makes resolutions and promises to stay true to them, unlike the year before. I don't like calling them resolutions because that word has failed me in the past because it seems so set in stone. I would rather call them ideas for the new year! I have thought long and hard about the new year. My ideas are attainable yet challenging, fun while requiring effort, and a slight change in our current lifestyle. I have so many different ideas but am only focusing on the top 5. Here we go:

1) Live a healthier life style-
I get that this is a broad resolution but so many things fit under it. Ways that I hope to fulfill this resolution are by exercising more. drinking more water and less Coke Zero. I start my day with one Coke Zero and would like to limit myself to just that. I want to get a mini-fridge for my classroom and keep only water and fruit in it. I also find myself coming home from school and being so tired that I just relax on the couch till my husband gets home. I don't think there is anything wrong with that every once in a while, but not every day. We have a very active puppy that would love to go on a walk after being locked in her kennel all day. Cut most of the sweets and pick snack on fruits instead. 

2) Meal plan (& stick to it) every week-
This kinda goes along with #1 because watching what we eat and not eating out, will definitely help to live a healthier lifestyle. At one time, I was really good about posting our weekly meal plan on my blog every Sunday afternoon. Somehow, I got out of that habit and have just been going with the flow for dinner. Doing that has created many nights were we pick something up for dinner. I like our nights to be relaxing and stress free after coming home from work. Having to figure out dinner every night stresses me to the max. Having it planned and shopped for makes things so much easier. I have many staple meals that I love making and we have leftovers for lunch the next day. I want to venture out a little bit and make some new meals that I have found on some of my favorite blogs. 

3) Stick to the budget-
This seems like such an easy idea...except when you live right by a Target, Hobby Lobby, mall, etc. My husband and I are really good at shopping and buying any and everything we want. We can do that now but if what I hope happens sometime this year, really happens... we will definitely have to cut back. I don't need a new car but would love a new car (more on what I want and why in a later post). Fitting that into our budget will also require some cut backs in our "just because" shopping. 

4) Send out birthday, Christmas, and just because cards-
Since moving into our house, checking the mail and getting fun packages has been so much fun. Scentsy (which I sell here) came out with a new brand called Sincerely Scent. Basically, it has a 365 day calendar that I (or anyone who wants to) can go in and setup for cards to be sent out and arrive on their special day. I have wanted to set this up for birthdays but haven't gotten around to it. The cost equals out to be the same as going to the store, writing in a card, and sending it to recipient. I don't only want to use Sincerely Scent cards but it would be a start. I also am determined to have a Christmas card picture taken so we can send out Christmas cards. (Challenge with that, around the time I would like to take pictures is in the middle of hunting season. My husband...big hunter and feels the need to keep a lovely beard all hunting season. Someone please remind me to have pictures taken before hunting season begins.)

5) Think about, prepare for, try for a baby-
Typing that is so surreal! If you were to talk to any of my IRL friends, most would not believe me. It is really hard to wrap my mind around being old enough to even think about that. Days go by and I feel like Chris and I are living in a fairy tale. I can't believe we are married, built our own house, have real jobs, but I am so unbelievable happy and thankful. Just last year, I remember saying that it will be years before we think about babies and now listen to me... Some that I have mentioned this to think it is because that's what our friends are doing, some think we are still young, but something has me feeling that this time is our time and when or what happens will happen for a reason. It excites me to talk with my husband about names, nursery ideas, timelines, and everything else that goes through your mind when talking about babies. 

So, there they are, my ideas for life in 2013! 
What do you think? 
What are your goals, resolutions, ideas for 2013? 
P.S. I hate picture list post, I promise not to do many of them!


Kristen said...

Couple of my "ideas" for the year are the same as yours. :)

Good luck to all of it! You can do it!

Krista said...

I love the card idea! I know I love getting those birthday cards in the mail. GOod luck!

Allison said...

Ummmmm I'm pretty sure you snuck into my brain and stole my goals for this year! They are pretty much exactly the same! (great minds think alike?) We are planning to get pregnant again this year! Can't wait to read the rest of your 30 blog posts coming up!

Married...with a Pup said...

Great goals, err I mean ideas haha! I definitely hope we do better at meal planning this year as well. Here's to working towards them!

Leah said...

Great goals! I use Treat to send all of my cards now. I love that you can personalize them and add pictures. They are actually cheaper than buying them in the store and mailing them if you get a card plan. Definitely check it out, it's AND you can schedule them in advance. I did all of my January birthdays last week and they'll get there on the day of the birthday!