Friday, November 18, 2011

We Remember...

12 years ago today, everything changed for Texas A&M University. November 18th, 1999 at 2:42 am, the Aggie bonfire colaposed killing 12 students and injured many others. Many may not know about this amazing tradition so here is a little info about it:

- The Texas Aggie bonfire symbolized every Aggie's "burning desire" to beat Texas in football on Thanksgiving day.

- The first bonfire was built in 1909 and was the biggest bonfire in the world.

- The bonfire is no longer held on campus but others get together and build one off campus.

Here are a few pictures of past bonfires, as well as some of the Memorial:

As an Aggie, this day will always be one of rememberance for the fallen Aggies. If you have a minute, say a prayer for those that were taken or affected by this horrible tragedy.


Michelle said...

I had never heard this before but its so sad. Those students are my age. :-( How tragic.

Holly said...

Wow, what an awful tragedy. :(