Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Awesome Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I am having a great week so far, for many reasons! Like I said, I needed another weekend to recover from this past weekend. I don't even know where to begin...

Friday night was awesome! One of my best friends, Lilly, is getting married next July and planned an awesome night to officially ask us to be her bridesmaids. We went to a place called Let's Art Party in Plano. This place is similar to You Paint It. It was an amazing night and she did will be a beautiful bride! Here are some pictures from that night...

Andrea, Lilly, & I. Once Lilly is married, we will all have been in each others weddings. Special friends!!
Lilly's Matron of Honor's- Amber, Lilly & I
Bridesmaids (minus 1) with our final product
Here is what our painting was suppose to look like
Here is what mine looked like... not to bad for my first painting experience!

Saturday, I got up early and met up with Lilly & Amber to go wedding dress shopping. I am not aloud to give any details but I think she may have found "the dress" and she was absolutely stunning in it!! We had lunch at La Madeline (one of my favorite restaurants) & then I headed home. My plans were to relax and go to sleep early Saturday night but I ended up going out to dinner with a friend around 10. We went to a place in the "ghetto" and I was warned to never go here with out her. She wanted me to try a REAL mexican taco and OMG it was amazing!!
I also may or may not have dropped my phone in water. I may or may not of had a minor panic attack. All is good now though and it still works like a charm!

Sunday was a long but great day! Not only was Chris coming home but I had an amazing dinner planned and was heading to Canton with some great friends for some Christmas shopping. Canton was amazing! I had been once before but was to young to enjoy it. I could have spent a fortune but only bought 2 things....
- I got this to go above our bed (it has a plastic wrap on it and I didn't feel like taking it off for the picture)
- & some amazing homemade dip called cowgirl candy. I am now obsessed with it and will be ordering some soon!

Sorry this is so wordy but I wanted to share my fun weekend!


Jenny said...

The painting party sounds like fun, I haven's seen that before!

Michelle P said...

Wow that looks great!

Tamara said...

We have a place like that where I live, its called Wine and Design... its a lot of fun! Your painting looks awesome! So much better than my attempt!

Camylla Leonardi said...

omg they turned out awesome!! you did such a great job!

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