Saturday, July 23, 2011


I would post a picture of our bedroom and what we are currently working with but it is way messy! We currently have miss match furniture and a queen size bed. We registered for a new comforter and got it but we have changed our mind and are returning it. My grandma has recently moved out of her house because she is unable to stay there alone. She is giving us her almost brand new bedroom suite but we are not getting it until we move into our own house. Something to look forward to. Anyway, I think I have found something that we both like but it is a duvet. We have never had a duvet for a couple reasons but the biggest being that I am afraid the duvet comforter will fall inside of the duvet. Does anyone have any tips to prevent this?

Here is the set that we are probably going to go with.

The bedroom suite that we are getting is a dark brown wood. Do you think the gray/purple will go ok with it?

I am ready to get our bedroom redone and make it feel more grown up and homy. If you have done a show us your bedroom post, leave a comment so I can go look. I need some major inspiration for our bedroom (and the rest of our home).

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Amber said...

This comforter would be gorgeous! Who makes it, or where could it be found? :)