Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Long story short, we (I) want a puppy!

I have been looking for a breeder and found a small breeder that lives a few hours away. This was a few weeks ago and he had the exact puppy that we were interested in. Here is a few pictures of the doll...

Told you, she is precious!

Well, it was decision time and we decided that we could not commit to her at that time. Note, this was only a few weeks ago.

I kept looking at the breeders website to make sure she was still there and to see updated pictures. I'm not sure if I was thinking he would just keep updating the site with new pictures of her or what. Then, I saw that there was a sale pending on her. I FREAKED out. I wanted her. I needed her. I contacted the breeder immediately and said I will do whatever I can to have her. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! He said that a family was coming to look at her in two days and if they did not get her, we were next in line.

Well, this story does not have a happy ending (yet) because we didn't get her.
I was devastated.
I cried (yes, over a puppy I had never even seen).

Fast forward to this morning... I received an email from the breeder saying his other female had her pups 2 days ago. She had 4 puppies and 1 of them is a female red-tri. So now, we are back to needing to make a decision... Should we get her or not?!??!!

The timing is not the best but is it ever? I wanted to get a puppy during the Summer so that I could be home with it for most of the day and train it. I do not believe in locking a dog in a crate and refuse to but I think we can make it work.

One plus is that she will be ready to come home right around my birthday. I already had a list ready for the hubby but now this little girl is at the top! I will post pictures of her as I get/see them.

Stay tuned!

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