Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Things I Want...

I am kinda in a blog funk. I have so much going on in life right now that is keeping me busy but I am trying to keep to my goal of posting! Leah @ Happily Hitched is continuing with her 10 Things theme. Yesterday she did a 10 Things I Want post. There are a lot of things I want so here we go.... Some of these things are more reasonable than others!

I need a comfy pair of flats that I can wear to teach in.

I am obsessed with this new skin care line I found. I will be purchasing this with my Summer school check.
I need a new brown purse.
I don't really need an iPad but it would be put to good use!
This is in the works. I have wanted a puppy for a long time and this is the kind we plan to get in the future.
Love this car! I had an IS that was perfect but to small. I think this would be the perfect size!
This whole outfit!

This whole bedroom!

Circle E Candle- Hawaiian Pineapple

This beautiful Hobo wallet.

What do you want?

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Khaki,cream, or brown bag is one of my must haves coz it's so easy to match. I love the Tory Burch Flats you posted, that is soooooooooo adorable