Sunday, July 17, 2011

Houston wedding shower

Happy Sunday! For the past month I have really hated Sunday's because that meant I had to get up and go teach Summer school Monday morning. Well, I am happy to say that Friday was the last day of Summer school so I am free for a few weeks. Almost free, I have 2 grad school classes left and then I am also finished with my Master's of Administration. I had a lot of productive plans for this weekend while H was out of town but those went down the drain when a friend invited me to go out on the boat with a few other friends. It was a blast and worth not getting my to-do list done....

I have been meaning to post about my amazing Houston wedding shower. I am so thankful to have amazing friends and family. A few of my bridesmaids really made me feel special and did an amazing job organizing my Houston wedding shower. Here are a few pictures from the awesome day. I still cannot believe that we have been married for 6 weeks and a day. I can honestly say that it has been a few of the best weeks of my life thus far!

Picture of the seating and decorations

Me & my happy little sister

Bride to be chair!

Recipe book

Cookie favors for guest

Amazing homemade cake!

I some how ended up with no pictures of guest... A friend of mine is working on a CD that will have a ton of pictures from many wedding events. I will post some when I get it!

I hope everyone enjoys there Sunday afternoon!!

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