Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meals for this week

I am so happy to have a normal week coming up. We have a lot of exciting events happening this week/weekend.

First up... my Erin Condren calendar is suppose to be delivered this Tuesday! I am so excited for it to come in but I ordered it almost a month ago!!! If you are wanting one, be prepared to wait a LONG time for it to come in. Not complaining, just a fact. I guess it makes the anticipation that much more...

Secondly, we have a meeting with our builders next Saturday to start our contract. I am excited, nervous, anxious and intimidated about this meeting. It will be the start of the biggest financial decision that my husband and I will ever make.

Thirdly, this week my husband is home which means that my meal planning is back on track. I am excited about some of the meals this week. I also do our weekly grocery trip on Sunday and try and lower the amount I spend each week. This week will be hard to beat because I only spent $62. That includes a case of water, a 20 pack of Diet Coke cans, and 3 Capri Sun packs so the total spent on food was very little. We are using a lot of our pantry stock just because we have so much. Here is our weekly menu...

Sunday (tonight)- Jambalaya
Monday- Chicken Quesadillas
I do not have a recipe for this but had left over tortillas and could not think of anything to make using tortillas. A friend of mine suggested quesadillas, duh!! I make them with tortillas, chicken, beans, onions, cheese, and taco sauce. They are super yummy!!

Tuesday- Hamburger Helper
Easy, yes! Some people hate hamburger helper but my husband and I love it!

I have made this before and it was a huge hit. I had bought some crescent rolls because they were on sale and then never used them. They expire at the end of this week so what a perfect meal!!
I have never made this but it looks amazing! I will report back next week.
Friday- Out to eat somewhere. If I get my way, we will go to Pappasitos!

Saturday- Texas Roadhouse
This is one of my favorite restaurants and we will have lunch here after we meet with our builders.

What are you having this week? If you are interested in the 2 recipes that I am using this week, just click on the name of the meal and it will take you directly to the website.


Amanda said...

I just ordered a planner, so I guess I have a long wait ahead of me :(

The meals sound delicious! Hope they all turn out :)

Allison said... have a good meal plan this week. The Bubble up Enchiladas look delicious! Oh and I checked out your coasters cute!