Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Home from another weekend trip to College Station! I wish I could say it was a good one, but it wasn't. Our poor Aggies... when are they going to get it together. We had tickets to the game but only stayed through the first quarter. I don't mean to be negative but uh next year might be rough to watch...
I'm on my own again this week but have a lot going on so hopefully it will go by quick! I do plan to make time to catch up on my sleep. Chris flew home Friday night so we didn't get to CS until 4 in the morning. We were back up and at the tailgate at 9 later that morning. Needless to say, extra sleep is needed!!

Monday, I need to finish a couple shirt orders and get them sent off Tuesday. I also want to make a few more coaster sets for the holidays. Does anyone know where I can buy collegiate scrapbook paper?

Tuesday night, I have a parent engagement night at school. I am on the yearbook team this year so I have to go and take pictures. I will post pictures of our yearbook when we have more complete. I am excited about the outcome!

Wednesday & Thursday are going to be my nights to relax and do nothing!

A friend of mine has finally set a date for their wedding. She has asked me to be her Matron of Honor but it will be official Friday night. She has arranged for all of her girls to have a girls night at you paint it. Has anyone ever been? I can't wait!
Meals this week are simple and not worth posting but I will be back to planning next Sunday!

Did everyone have a good weekend?


sprinkledwithlove said...

painting with a twist is SO will love it :) do you know what picture yall are painting??

Melissa said...

Local scrapbooking stores near major universities around here usually sell some sort of collegiate scrapbook paper, but I'm not sure where you would get it if you are looking for schools across the nation.

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

Ugh. This weekend was brutal (sports-wise). A&M seriously needs to get their act together before the next 4 games. (OU, K-State, Kansas & Texas). We need some wins, people!!

And we did painting with a twist for part of my bachelorette party. It was SO much fun!! You'll love it!

Sarah said...

I've never done painting with a twist. Let us know how it goes!