Saturday, October 22, 2011

Relaxing weekend

Hello all! I definitely have been MIA but with reason. Here are the random happenings of last week...

-Work was insane (not complaining, just a fact)! We had parent conferences and those literally had me in bed at 8:30 3 nights in a row. There is more to that than just the parent conferences but they had a lot to do with it! Chris was gone from Wednesday to Friday afternoon for his work conference. I started to feel funny Wednesday afternoon. Needless to say, I am still feeling sick but hope it goes away before Monday.

- I started using a new scentsy scent and I am slightly obsessed.
- We setup our first meeting with the design center for Nov. 9th. I cannot wait to pick out our brick, floors, granite, etc. Here are some inspiration pictures I like...
Love the fireplace
Like the hardwood floors and fireplace
Like this bedroom

- I have created a facebook page for my etsy store. Once I have 50 likes, I will be running a 2 day special in my store. Any item 15% off!
*Click HERE to see my store*
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I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! & that I feel better soon!!

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Amanda said...

feel better soon! being sick is no fun!