Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in the life of me....

This is my first time to link up with Mrs. T for blog outside the box. Today's topic is what a day in my life looks like. My days do not differ much from one another minus the computer lab time, library time, tutoring schedule, etc... But, I have very specific routines and my day is night right if I get out of them!

My day starts at 5:45 when my alarm goes off. I normally let it go off 3-4 times and am in the shower by 6:30. I am ready within 30 minutes of getting in the shower and then I am off to work. My getting ready routine is very detailed and the same everyday but I won't bore you with that info! I have to be at school by 7:35 but try and get there around 7:15. I normally arrive between 7:15-7:20. My day at school goes like this...

7:35-7:50- Students come in & put their backpacks away
7:50-8:05- Breakfast (in the classroom) & announcements
8:05-9:00ish- Math stations & small group
9:00-9:30- Whole group math lesson
9:30-10:30- Science
10:30-10:40- Bathroom break
10:40-11:10- Recess
11:10-11:40- Lunch (This is simple, either leftovers or sandwiches. I don't know why, but a sandwich is always so good at school but I try and eat them at home & it's just not the same)
11:40-12:05- Independent writing/phonics
12:10-1:05- Specials/Planning
1:05-1:40- Language arts
1:40-2:30- Guided reading
2:30-2:40- Pack up, sign folders
2:40-2:55- Dismissal
3:30- Free to leave (but that never happens!)
I normally leave between 4-5, depends on the day.

Chris gets home between 5-6. I start dinner around 6:30. We eat and then relax with each other!

Great day if I do say so myself! (sorry there are not any pictures, I hate post with no pictures)

What is a day in the life of you like?


Ruthie Hart said...

I love this!! Dang girl you wake up early!! Applause! I love knowing what other people's days are like who don't share the same job as me and I loved getting to see what a day in the life of a teacher is! You guys work so hard I can't even imagine how patient you must be! What grade do teach???

Meg {henninglove} said...

hey allison glad to see you back!! missed ya and your wonderful posts

Beth Dunn said...

I did that once, I did a whole week of being Beth Dunn. Fun blog!