Monday, October 10, 2011

Meal Plan & other randoms

This has been an awesome weekend! I am so thankful to have this extra day off to catch up on my growing to-do list.

My goals for today are:
- Get gas
- Grocery store
- Pick up gift card to Target & cake for teammates bday
- 4-5 loads of laundry (& put up)
- Empty and reload the dishwasher
- Start dinner
- Clean my bathroom
- Grade some of my DRA writing samples
- Watch Doctor Phil

Might be a lot but I am confident I will get most of it done.

This weekend, Chris and I signed the contract for our new house. It was very exciting and a tad nerve racking but we are so excited. We are suppose to have our first meeting with the design team in 2 weeks but Chris will be out of town. We most likely won't have our first meeting for 3-4 weeks. No rush though. As excited as we are to build and get into our new home, it would be awesome to not have to break our current lease! More news on that process when it happens!

One of my best friends and her husband are also looking at areas to buy or build their first home. I FINALLY talked her into going and looking at our neighborhood and guess what....THEY LOVED IT!! I knew they would and so did they but the distance from jobs is what kept them away so long. I am very excited at the thought of them living so close to us. Time will tell!!

On to my weekly dinner menu...

Monday- Tonight we are having a crock pot meal. It is called slow cooker beef stroganoff. Neither of us really care for mushrooms, so I left those out but I hope it is good. The pictures looks amazing!
Tuesday- We are having tacos. This is such a simple meal and I have yet to make it. I got taco bell shells, taco seasoning, ground beef, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. It will be an easy but yummy dinner!

Wednesday- I have a homecoming parade that night so Chris is on his own.

Thursday- I am making another crock pot meal. This one is called Crock pot bow tie pasta. If it taste anything like the picture looks, it should be amazing!
Friday- Sunday we will be in College Station again. I really hope that the Aggies can get a win against Baylor.

What is on your menu this week?

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!!


Rebecca said...

mmMM wish I was eatin with y'all!

Christina said...

I love crock pot recipes!

Megan said...

That crock pot bow tie pasta looks amazing!! We are starting to look around to build and I'd love to end up somewhere near friends!

Emily said...

I live from to-do lists like yours! I have a lot of the same things to do! I hope you get them complete! All of your meals sound & look yummy! xo from a new follower!