Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly meal planning

Hello! We are happy to be home and back in our routine (kinda) but are missing the beautiful beaches of Florida. I will post pictures from our trip later today or sometime early this week. I didn't take many.

I want to start posting our weekly menu every Sunday. The past two years have been insane and I didn't feel like planning meals and couponing could be added to the mix. Now that I am finished with grad school and the nights after teaching are mine, I have decided to make it a goal of mine to plan meals & coupon every Sunday. So, here are the meals that we are having this week.

Breakfast options- ( I am the only one that normally eats breakfast so I needed quick choices)
Cinnamon Bagels
Toast w/ strawberry jam

Leftovers from night before
Turkey sandwiches

Sunday- Beef & Chicken Kabobs
We will have kabobs, macaroni & cheese, beans, & garlic bread MMM!

Monday- Green Chicken Casserole (Cooking Light)
I found this recipe on Pinterest (of course). We will have black beans (recipe from same place) & spanish rice.

Tuesday- Quick BBQ Sandwiches
Haven't figured out how I am going to season/cook the chicken yet but we will have french fries with the sandwiches.

Wednesday- Mexi Mac Skillet
I love this meal! It will be served with corn & toast.

Thursday- Stuffed Bell Peppers
This is a new recipe for us. Hope it turns out good! We will have nothing to go with this meal, it is a meal in it's self.
Friday- Out to Dinner

Saturday- Out to Dinner

I primarily shop at Kroger. I have started looking at coupons but did not take any with me for this trip. My total for this week of groceries was $113 & some change. This trip included 3 12 packs of coke zero & a bag of charcoal. If you subtract those, my grocery bill for the week would have been under $100. Pretty good for no coupons.

Do you meal plan? What are your quick go to recipes? What websites do you use for coupons? Leave a comment if you blog about your weekly menus so I can come see!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Amanda said...

love all the meals! This week was the first time I actually planned out my meals before grocery shopping, I hope it makes it go smoother for me

Rebecca said...

I should start planning all my meals! Looks yummy =]

Kristen said...

Meal planning is such a life saver, I definitely do it. My easy and quick meals are Tilapia marinated in Italian dressing, Anything in a crock pot (haha), Coconut Chicken Salad etc. Some of them are in my cooking blog. Most recipes I've tried so far have been from Skinny Taste.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The meal looks delicious!