Monday, August 15, 2011

Destin- Part 2

Here is the last part of our vacation in Destin. These pictures are all from the same day and it was probably my favorite of them all. My dad, little brother, husband, and I went deep sea fishing and caught our dinner. To say our dinner was fresh was an understatement, it was really fresh because we caught it only hours before we ate it.

Beautiful water/view heading out to the fishing spot
Us fishing
Dad & brother having a good time fishing
Pulling back into the dock, awesome view
Some of the fish the boat caught. My dad caught the biggest fish on the boat & you can see it in this picture

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from out trip. Next up is wedding pictures! Have a great Tuesday!!


Michelle said...

I love the restaurant near that little blue/white lighthouse. I'm so jealous you were there! I used to have to travel there for work but I basically made it into a vacation. :-)

Julie said...

I love your blog, too! It's adorable! And Destin holds a special place in my heart- my husband and I met and got engaged there! :)