Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lots to this post

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life! Not complaining, just a statement. Which brings me to a new link up I am participating in this week. Meg over at Henning Love has started a Thursday link up. The purpose of this link up is to post what we are thankful for. I am only going to post one thing I am thankful for but not mentioning so many others.
I am thankful for my wonderful job! I have dreamed about being a teacher since I was a little girl & could not be happier now that I am living out my dream. Everyday is different & has it's own challenges but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Will teaching be my profession forever, who know, but I am so thankful for my job now.

I also have not been keeping up with my wedding post. Be ready tomorrow because I am working on my next wedding post. I also said that I would keep up with my blog challenge so I am going to continue that now.

The second day challenge is to list 9 loves. This challenge will definitely be a lot easier than the first one which was 10 secrets.

9) My husband
8) My siblings
7) My family
6) My friends (many not pictured)
5) My dog
4) Shopping (latest purchase)
3) Coke Zero
2) A nice long bath
1) Snickerdoodle anything

I am off to make myself dinner, read some more of the Hunger Games, & head to bed early!! Excited about wearing jeans tomorrow! Have a great Friday!


Kristen said...

Nice long baths are so wonderful, especially if they don't get cold. ;) haha

Amanda said...

I love jean days! I don't get one tomorrow unfortunately :( oh well! have a great Friday!