Friday, August 12, 2011


I have seen this done on a few blogs & wanted to have another scheduled post while out of town. Here is what is currently in my life...

Current Playlist:
How do I insert a video?

Current Nail Polish:
I normally go with a french pedicure and always white & pink solar tips on my nails but I really like this color.

Current Drink:
Non-alcoholic- Coke Zero
Alcoholic- Cherry Vodka Sour
Current Food:
I like all food except sushi!

Current TV Show:

Current Wish list:
Well my birthday is 3 weeks from today so I have been working on this.
Here are a few things:
Current Needs:
I am pretty ok with everything I currently have. I do not NEED anything right now except continued happiness & health for my family.

Current Blessing:
Spending a week with my amazing family!

Current Outfit:
White American Eagle Shorts
Grey flowery sequence shirt

Current Indulgence:
Key Lime Pie mmm!

Current Excitement:
I am excited to start working in my classroom next week and meeting my kids the next week. I am also excited about seeing this little face... (she is peeking at us)

Current Mood:
Content, happy but sad that our vacation is over tomorrow :-(

If you do this on your blog, leave me a comment so I can go read it.

Have a great weekend!


Ashley said...

i want me some toms too :) and blake shelton is one yummy looking fella and it helps that he can sing too ;)

Kristen said...

Love Marc Jacobs Daisy - smells so good!

If you want to upload a video, when you're writing your post, there's an icon for a black movie clapperboard. It's right next to the icon of the picture. :)