Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Day 1

I am not done with the wedding posts but just incase I have followers that don't love weddings as much as I do, I wanted to break things up. I am participating in a 10 day challenge that I have seen done on a few blogs but it will be more like a 20 day challenge. Here it goes...

My top 10 secrets:

1) I love where I teach, live, & call home but I miss my family & high school friends so much. I often wonder if my husband & I are in the city that we will call home forever or if we will eventually move back to our true "home."
2) I am not sure if teaching will be my life long career. It has always been a dream but what about nursing?

3) I eat strange meals when I am alone. Such as tonight... Sausage, corn casserole, & cinnamon rolls! mmm!!

4) I could drink Coke Zero for the rest of my life and often can't remember the last time I had a sip of water.

5) I plan to save a large amount of money each month but end up buying myself something that makes it so that I can't save that much. Secret, not really, but I try not to remember kinda like a secret to myself :-)

6) I wish I had a fun, cute, sports car. I really do love my current car but I feel like it is a mommy car and I am no where near ready for that stage in my life.

7) I had our house cleaned while my husband was out of town. He told me that he was so proud that I cleaned so well. It wasn't me...

8) I love football, I really do but it consumes our life during the Fall months and it gets kinda old.

9) I love time to myself but not every weekend. Duck, deer, bird, whatever hunting season it may be, only lasts for a few months but prep & cleanup takes the entire year. Not a fan!

10) I don't like secrets, coming up with 10 was very hard!

Do you have any secrets?


Laura Darling said...

Hmm, I don't think I have many secrets either. Funny about having your house cleaned!

Amanda said...

I always eat the most random meals on the weekend. during the week I'm pretty good about cooking, but it all goes out the window come Friday night