Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time for blogging??

I get on these blogging kicks where I post everyday for a while and then just stop. Trying to fix that but have to find the time. I love nights where I get to come home, take off my work clothes, and get into comfy pants for awhile before making dinner. That has definitely not happened so far this week. Not complaining, we lead an exciting life lol

Today was our design meeting to pick out all of the goodies for our house. We have been looking forward to it for sometime! It was so much fun and I want to share pictures of some of the things we picked out. Before I show the pictures, I want to make a promise that this blog will not turn into a house building blog. I hope to post updates once a week (once things start moving) so that I have it documented and can look back on it! & sorry for the quality, our camera died right when we got there! 
This is the granite, tile, carpet, and kitchen accent color. I didn't get a picture of our cabinets but they are going to be an Antique Brown color and will really bring everything in the kitchen together. 
Same tile will be throughout the house but this is the paint color for the hall bath. 
Master bath tile (little different than everywhere else), stone around tub, and accent color (which I am obsessed with).
Brick and exterior paint color. 

Sorry if that was boring info but I must document for later in life! & it is exciting to me!

One of my best friends dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer over a year ago and wasn't given very long to live. Thankfully he has done better than the doctors thought and is still here with us today. He was able to see her get engagement and spend another Christmas with the family. Two weeks ago, he took a very bad turn and is not expected to recover. This is an incredibly hard time for her and her family. I know the power of prayer is amazing so I ask, if you can, to pray for her family during this time. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


Steph said...

So exciting to see your house plans coming along! And I am absolutely praying for your friend's father.

Kristen said...

Yay! So excited! Can't wait to see it all finished - it makes a huge difference! And I LOVE blue in a bathroom too. It just seems to relaxing to me in that setting.

And I am praying for your friend - so sorry to hear about that. :(

Jessica said...

Oooh, love what you've chosen so far! I love watching a house 'come together' & see what other people choose in terms of tile, colors, etc. Looking forward to more updates!

Your friend, her father & family will be in my thoughts & prayers. So sad.

Michelle P said...

I'm sorry about your friend, I'm praying!

Leslie said...

LOVE what you chose for the kitchen!! I know that is only a small sample of your granite but it looks very similar to ours! Can't wait for more updates!