Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st 2012 Meal Plan

Hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I will have a recap of ours soon. One of my New Year's resolutions (full post coming soon) is to plan & shop for our weekly meals on Sunday for the next week. This is probably not the most exciting post for the first day of the New Year but I didn't want to start off the new year already breaking one of my resolutions. So here you are, our first meal plan of 2012. 

Sunday- Mini Omelets
Chris and I love omelets. I normally make the regular size ones on the stove but I am mixing it up a bit. I am excited to try these. 

Monday- Crockpot Roast
I don't need to shop very much for this one. I have stock piled enough of the ingredients and have enough to make 2 or 3 roast. All I will need to pick up is the potatoes and onions. 

Tuesday- Roast & Potato Tacos
We always have left over roast (even after eating it for lunch for 2 days). I am thinking these will be great. Roast, potato's, sauteed onions, in tortilla. 

Wednesday- Meatballs served with rice & gravy
This is a very common meal in our meal plan. It is so good and so easy to make. I have been making them since we first started dating. One of the things I learned from my MIL. They used to be one of Chris's favorite meals but he is a little burnt out on them so I try not to make them as often. 

Thursday- Crockpot Orange Chicken
I have never made this before but I have never made anything bad it the crockpot. I am really looking forward to making this and will report back about how it turned out. 

Friday & Saturday are up in the air. We are FINALLY staying in town for the weekend but have A LOT of plans so food might be quick here and there. 

Is one of your New Year resolutions to meal plan? You should really try posting your plans on your blog because it really has held me accountable. If you have any amazing recipes, please share them with me!!


Jenn :D said...

Ohh yay!! I love other meal plans!! :) You should enable your comments so I can reply to them!

Allison said...

I definitely want to keep up with my meal plan as well. Good for you for starting the new year off right! Go girl. :)

The Wallace Family said...

My husband and I just went through our pantry and fridge to see what we can make with what we have. We are trying to use what we have before we start buying tons of food:) I would love to know how the orange chicken turns out! Looks yummy!

Michelle P said...

Yum! Sounds like a good week.

Tamara said...

Yes, I definitely want to meal plan in the new year... I made my first one today! And I think its an awesome idea to post to your blog... and I'm going to give it a try!

Kristen said...

Sounds like a great meal plan Allison!

I really wanted to do that this week after the Holiday's, and it being the first in our new home but I just got what's going around and I'm sick. :( Therefore, I bought stuff that I can literally just make asap. haha

Meg {henninglove} said...

great first meal plan of the 2012 allison!! let me know how that crockpot orange chicken is, i would love to know! hope you had a great new year and wonderful christmas