Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Hello friends!! I have enjoyed this weekend and am sad to see it come to an end. We had today off for MLK day and I have/had a lot planned to accomplish. I have so much left to do today but cannot make myself get up off the couch. Here are a few random things I am thinking about. 

- I cannot wait to watch the Bachelor tonight. Here are my favorite ladies so far. 
 & I can't stand this one!

- I set a budget ever month for our groceries. Before planning our meals for the week, I look at the sales & match coupons. My budget each week for the grocery store is $80. We normally eat out on the weekends so this is to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday- Friday (not dinner Friday). I just got back from the store a bit ago and only spent $55. I love when I am under budget but it was weird that it was a flat $55. 

- What is with this weather?!? It is not hot but definitely not cold. I went to the store in a short sleeve shirt and flip flops in Jan. CRAZY! Then tomorrow it is suppose to be freezing. Here's to not getting sick and eating lots of oranges and taking lots of vitamin C.
- I am going to start counting calories again. I am not trying to drop any weight but I am wanting to tone-up. For starters, I need to get rid of the cookie dough in the refrigerator... I bought a lot of fresh fruit at the store today. Instead of eating crap for a snack, I am going to grab a Cutie or some grapes.

I think that is all of the randomness I have to offer today. More to come i'm sure!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. 


dWa said...

You are three followers away from 100! Congratulations!

Kristen said...

Congrats on the awesome grocery bill amount - love it when that happens! :)

Amy Powell said...

Cuties make the best snack, don't they ? Good luck counting calories! I'm terrible at it... But I'm still trying.

Have a great week!

Ashley said...

I love when you don't spend as much money as you planned. It's the best feeling ever and it is usually followed by the "what can i buy now since I didn't spend that much" thought! Maybe thats just in my world!!

I think your blog is super cute and you are very close to 100 followers! I hope I can make it there one day!

Newest follower!

Kristin said...

i love watching the bachelor too. your two favorites are my two favorites!! and i can't STAND blakely..or courtney!

Leslie said...

The weather is crazy here is 80 degrees right now but supposed to get down to 40 overnight! Ugh!

Sara Holt said...

I love those two lovely ladies from the bachelor!!! And yes, I can not stand Blakely either and don't even get me started on Courtney. ughhh! She is soooo hateful!!!

Emily said...

i am SO with you on the bachelor girls -- blakeley has GOT to go!