Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Monday!

I am so happy to say that today has been a great day! My kids were great (even that one), the weather was awesome, my new card came in the mail, someone placed an order in my etsy store, and I have a great meal planned! I hope you have had a great Monday as well!!

This weekend was very low key and I absolutely loved it! Here is a short recap:

Friday- This has become our chill night. We really haven't done much the past few Fridays. We went to Dick's, Fry's and then we picked up food at our favorite chinese restaurant. We go to a small chinese restaurant called Royal Chopsticks. We were worried there wouldn't be one near us once we move but there are actually 2! Yum!! 
Saturday- Chris got up very early and went on his last duck hunting trip of the year (darn). They got 3 ducks :-(. We hung out at the apartment the rest of the day. That night, a few friends came over and we grilled chicken. This has been our weekend routine for the past few weeks. I am really bad a taking pictures (& am the only girl so they don't enjoy photo shoots). Anyone know any single girls in the DFW area?? Kidding, kinda... 
Sunday- We slept in and he went off to shoot skeet & sight in a new gun. I planned our meals, couponed, and then went grocery shopping. Some people hate grocery shopping but I absolutely love it! I love going by myself with my list and coupon book. I am getting a little better at this couponing thing. I saved around $27 using coupons and shopping the sales. My grocery budget each week is $80 and I only spent $69 and some change. This shop also included stocking up on a few items that we also use and that I had coupons for. Does anyone else coupon? Any tips? Here is proof of my fun shopping trip...
Enough about my weekend. How was yours? How was your Monday? 

I am looking forward to one thing tonight... 
Even though this season is kind of lame and I don't really care for Ben, I can't pull myself away from it. I really like some of the girls like: 
Kacie B.
 & Jennifer
 I can't stand Courtney and really don't feel like looking up her picture. Also, what happened with Blakeley she is super tame now. She is definitely not one of my favorites but she is ok now. 

This is a super long and random post. Have a great night!!


Cori H. said...

Blakeley has grown on me. I didn't like her in the first couple of episodes. Kacie B and Jennifer are my faves too! I also like Emily, but I think her feud with Courtney is going to ruin her chances.

Allison said...

Ew Courtney. I dislike her even more after this episode. And I'm so sad about Jennifer. :( Glad you had a good Monday!! Friday Chili night is a good winter meal plan idea.

Michelle P said...

I wish I couponed more, I haven't in forever.

Mallorie said...

Ok I'm seriously impressed with your couponing! I always seem to spend more printing my coupons than on savings... ;-)

Lia Joy said...

I love shooting skeet! I'm not great with a shot gun, but it's still fun! (Rifle is my weapon of choice! :)

And I'm really impressed with your grocery budget. I can spend one more time and more money in the grocery store! I need lessons!