Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals

Leah @ Happily Hitched does a monthly post about her goals for that month. I think this is an awesome idea and I have been following her goal post & follow up post for 2 months now. I am going to give it a shot. I am going to start with 5 goals a month & see how they go.

1) Cook at home at least 3 times a week- I have started meal planning. I have only really been able to do one week because my husband went out of town for 2 weeks but he is coming home tonight & it will start back up next week. (I post my weekly meal plans every Sunday night.)

2) Stay at school till at least 4 o'clock 3 times a week- This may sound like a silly goal but I am in a funk & leave as soon as possible. Therefore, I am not keeping up with everything that I need to do and in turn cause myself a lot of unnecessary stress.

3) Keep to a budget- I have tried this multiple times and have failed. I allow myself X amount for eating out during the week, X amount for shopping, and X amount for crafting (my new found hobby) and always spend more than I mean to. I really need to look into a budget sheet/format and layout everything. If you use something that works for you (& your family), please let me know, I will gladly use it!

4) Work out- I am not sure how I want to accomplish this but I want to start something. I feel like I have gained a little bit of wait since the wedding. Even if I haven't, I want to tone up and make myself feel better. I really think working out will give me some energy that I am lacking. I may do this through running on the treadmill or yoga. How can I motivate myself!?!?

5) Limit myself to 2 soft drinks a day- This is HUGE for me. I have a very unhealthy habit. I think this may be the hardest goal of them all. I drink one on the way to work (a must), at lunch, and most of the time with dinner. I would like to cut out the lunch or dinner one. Eventually, I would like to only have one but that would not be achievable at this point.

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, how often do you look back to them & how do you hold yourself accountable?

I may post about my progress throughout the month but will definitely post at the beginning of October.


Leah said...

Those are GREAT goals. My hubs has been out of town too so I've totally slacked on the meal planning these past few weeks. But there is so much I want to make, thanks to pinterest! Best of luck with your goals!

Ruthie Hart said...

I like the idea of writing down goals to feel accountable!! Great idea!!

Marina said...

I think some of your goals will work for me too, especially that "Workout" one :)

Mandee said...

yeah meal planning! I look forward to that one day when I am married.

Maddy said...

I have an Excel spread sheet that I use constantly. Since I don't follow budgets well, it lets me know just how bad I've been with my money. If you want, we can sit down sometime and make one for you!!

If you find a yoga place that looks good, let me know and I'll absolutely go with you. I'd really like to get into yoga too!

Sarah said...

Limiting soda has been one of my big goals for the year. Keep at it!