Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes & Always

I have participated in Megan's link up a few times before but haven't in awhile. I love this link up because it helps you find the good, happy, and truth in your life. Go link up with Megan for Sometimes & Always!!

Sometimes: I wish I wasn't such a workaholic!

Always: The paycheck always makes it worth it!

Sometimes: I plan to have only water for the day.

Always: End up drinking more Coke Zero then I normally do.

Sometimes: I wish we could travel the world and see places on my bucket list.

Always: I remember that I am a home-body and love to be home in our special space!

Sometimes: I think today is the day that I will workout and eat better.

Always: I push it to tomorrow...

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Today is the last day of summer school and I am so excited! The money is definitely worth it because it is such a short time but it is very tiring. I cannot wait to do what I want, when I want, for the rest of the summer!!


Lia Joy said...

I'm a home body too! I would LOVE to travel the world, but a few days away and I'd be craving my home, my bed, etc. I'm perfectly content at home :)

Allison said...

Happy last day of summer school!!! And as much as I'd love to travel I'm sure I'd be wishing I was home with my kitties in my own bed after a few days. I'm fine with that though. :)

Alyssa said...

I'm becoming a bit of a homebody too. I would love to travel a lot but I would definitely get homesick.