Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you really knew me...

I have seen many of my favorite bloggers doing this kind of post and it has helped me get to know them better. So, I am jumping on the band wagon and joining in on the fun!! I have a few new followers so I hope this helps you get to know me!

(honeymoon in Antigua)

If you really knew me...

~you'd know my favorite store of all time is Target!

~you'd know I have my dream job of teaching and can't wait to move up in the profession.

~you'd know I am a germ freak! I do teach 1st grade but I have one of the most sterilized rooms ever!

~you'd know I have a very unique way of styling my hair.

~you'd know that I am NOT a morning person (at all).

~you'd know that I sell Scentsy and love it!

~you'd know that my favorite colors are purple and green.

~you'd know that I have to drive wherever I go.

~you'd know that I have anxiety and some OCD tendencies!

~you'd know that I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Chris and we have 2 sweet dogs.

What would I know if I really knew you?? 


Leslie said...

Love this! I have to drive everywhere I go too. I am too much of a control freak...haha. And I have some serious anxiety over some things and definitly have a lot of OCD tendencies.

Stephanie said...

Nice to meet you ;) And I suffer from OCD... I wonder how a baby is going to effect this... OY!

Erin said...

Target = Life. No other explanation needed ;)

Where/how do you see yourself moving up in your profession? I'm surrounded by teachers in my family ;)

Michelle said...

I am not a morning person. Matter of fact, I feel like death right now haha

Jamie said...

Love these posts. I am not a germ person but I am a morning person! It takes all kinds to make the world go round :)

Kristen said...

Usually when I'm driving, I like to be in control of everything! I'm trying to be more relaxed on that. haha

MariaSelf said...

It's so great to get to know you better, Allison! there's one thing I knew right away the moment I got to your blog - that you're absolutely gorgeous!!!;-)))