Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WILW & Oh,. How Pinteresting!

It's been another week already, I can't believe how quickly this summer is going. Also, that my summer vacation is almost over!! I definitely have mixed feelings about it.

Here is what I am loving this week:

I'm loving my new blog design!!

I'm loving that my dad, stepmom, and little brother & sister are coming tonight and staying through Sunday. That is a long time but so excited to see them!

I'm loving are new pool table!
(incase you missed the pic the other day, what a beauty)

I'm loving that we have for sure picked our bedroom furniture and rug for our living room. Hopefully they will be ordered soon. Ready to make some progress on this white, plain house of ours. 

I'm loving that I got to go to the lake with some great friends yesterday and that I am having lunch with some more today!

I'm loving all of the back to school stuff that I am seeing out everywhere. As if Target isn't dangerous enough...

I'm loving the new Scentsy catalog that came out yesterday! It will be getting it's on post soon!

I'm loving that my birthday is next month. I have definitely begun making my list!

I'm loving these pins...

As always, I'm loving my sweet husband!

Go link up with Jamie & Michelle and find some new blogs to read while your at it!


Kate said...

Stopping by on the WILW blog hop! Cute blog and I love the pinterest pictures!! Also, I read your previous entry and I love that you have y'alls meals planned for the week! I'm still working on getting that down at our house :)

Erin said...

YAY for that pool table. I wish we had room for one! :)

We are working on jazzing up our VERY neutral house right now too, lol!

Lia Joy said...

LOOOOOVE your new blog design!!!!!! :) And my birthday is next month too!

Tiffany said...

Visiting from How Pinteresting. LOVE that bedroom photo you posted. Beautiful!


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Target's school/dollar section is the best!