Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Update

I have a meal plan for this week and will post it sometime before the week is over so that you can use some of the recipes if you would like. This is the most inconsistent I have been with blogging since starting. I have been reading a lot of blogs and finding new ones but haven't had the motivation to write my own. I decided to do a house update tonight and will be asking for decor advice sooner than later! Since my last update, we have moved in and are settling in. We absolutely love being homeowners. It is so awesome to come home to a house that is YOURS and have a backyard to sit and relax in while the dogs play. For now, here are the final pictures we took before moving in. I am going to post pictures of our living room soon and need advice for decorating it. I have a vision but can't figure out where to start. 

Dining room with the wood put in.
View from the stairs. You can see a door in the middle/upper left and that is to replace the pantry door that is already in. They did it wrong the first go round. 
Beautiful stone fireplace! This was a decision made late into the build process and we are so glad we choose the stone. 
 Part of our bathroom before paint. 
Better picture of the granite but before the fireplace. 

Like I already said, we are loving being homeowners and are excited to put our personal touches on our house! 


Michelle said...

Looks nice! I LOVE your bathroom!

Kristen said...

HOORAY!!! Can't wait to see all the actual finished pics. :)

Leslie said...

Love your house!! Can't wait to see more pictures!