Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap!

Hello my friends... do you remember who I am? No, well bummer! I keep thinking, I am going to blog tonight and then I don't. I have been so busy with life in general that blogging has yet again been pushed to the back burner. I am back for now...!!!

How was your Easter? Although we did not spend it with our family, ours was great. We had a wonderful meal and spent a great day relaxing together. We had a cranberry apple pork loin roast, famous baked beans, and loaded mashed potato casserole. To say dinner was amazing is an understatement! We definitely have left overs for the week!! I took pictures but they really do not do the meal justice (in fact the pictures stink) but here is proof!

I have really enjoyed my mini-vacation. I finished up a few etsy orders on Friday and have 2 more to finish today before being all caught up. I was in such a rush to finish my orders and get them shipped on Friday that I forgot to take pictures of them :-(. 

Saturday was a fun and productive day! Chris and I went furniture shopping for our new house. We picked out our couches, end tables, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture. I wish we could get it all now but that definitely is not going to happen any time soon! Here are some pictures of what we will be in our living room. 

There is a love seat that goes with this but they do not have a picture online. I cannot wait to get it all and put it in our house! I hope it looks as good as we think it will!!

Today is the last day of my mini-vacation. Chris had to go back to work today and I am spending it cleaning, doing laundry, and finishing my orders. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and family time. 

I promise I will be back sometime this week!!


Valerie Griffin said...

i love furniture shopping!

Amber said...

Your dinner looks so yummy!

Allison said...

Love your new furniture! So fun!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Gotta love furniture shopping!

Leslie said...

Love your new furniture!! Can't wait to see pictures of it in your new house :) I still havent posted pictures...bad blogger!!

Lauren said...

Love furniture shopping! :) What an exciting time for you guys!