Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Lots of random things going on in my head so here is probably the most random post ever!

-Who knew that brown rice took longer to cook than white rice?!?! UGH!! I am so hungry & was planning to have a quick easy to make dinner. It is still really easy to make but we have to wait a lot longer! We are having something called Taco Junk. Exciting title huh? All you need is 1lb. of hamburger meat, can of black beans, can of corn, can of rotel, packet of taco seasoning & ranch dressing seasoning. Cook the meat, mix everything else in, and serve it over rice & fritos with cheese on top. MMMM!! So hungry for it but we have to wait 27 more minutes because I was trying to be healthy & serve brown rice.

- Speaking of dinner, last night I made homemade waffles & chicken. It was so good. I told a few friends that I had lunch with today and one that I talked to last night and they all thought it was strange. Here it is in all it's yummy glory...
- I went to lunch with some of my teacher friends and then we went to the mall. It was so good to see them. I was able to spend some of my gift cards and here is what I got (sorry for the crappy quality, I used my phone.)

- I have so many blog post that I want to write that I don't even know where to start. I hope to have them typed and ready to go for the weekend but sometimes when I schedule a post it doesn't work. My post will include new items in my esty store, 2011 in review, New Year's resolutions, and a house update. Look for them sometime soon. I hope that since I put them on the blog that it will hold me more accountable... we will see!!

- I am 12 bloggers away from an awesome giveaway. Once I hit 95 followers, I will give a hint to what the giveaway will include. 

- Twitter, I have been obsessed lately. If you have a twitter, leave the link in a comment so I can follow you. You can follow me by clicking here

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday! I can't believe 2012 is only 2 days away. 

What are your New Years Eve plans? 


Michelle P said...

Hmmm I'm not sure what to think about chicken and waffles. Is that actually good?

Sarah said...

I've been wanting to try chicken and waffles! Hopefully they were delicious. I'm obsessed with Twitter, and lately (over break), I've been tweeting so often. Follow me? @smjohns91

Bailey said...

The taco junk looks soo good, I am going to have to make it. I have never heard of chicken n waffles, must learn about it.

p.V.e said...

That "taco junk" looks & sounds so good!! I may have to try that! I'm not so sure about trying the waffles and chicken though haha! I'm a little nervous

Kristen said...

You just made me hungry. lol And it looks like you got some great stuff! :)

Allison said...

Chicken and waffles...I'll take your word for it. It actually does look pretty good. Looks like you made out well at bath and body works!!