Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meal Plan for the week

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Chris went duck hunting Saturday morning and then deer hunting the rest of the weekend. I went with our realtor to look for at a few pre-owned homes and a new build neighborhood. I only liked one of the pre-owned homes and may take Chris to see it but I am in love with the new construction area. I fell in love with a floor plan. I also found 2 more builders and we are going to talk to them next Saturday!! I feel hopeful after this weekend!!

My meal plan for the week is pretty simple. I am using a lot of stuff we already have in our pantry or fridge. I really expected our grocery bill to be under $50 for the week but I was hungry when I went to the store and left spending right under $90. Darn it! I now have 3 different pudding flavors, 5 or 6 different fresh fruits, 2 jars of pickles (because they were on sale) and lots of other random food we don't need. Here  are the meals I am making this week:

Sunday- Meatballs, Rice & Gravy
This is one of my go to meals. Originally it was not on my menu but my mom called asking for the recipe and they sounded good. If you are interested in the recipe let me know and I can type it up for you. They are AMAZING!!

Monday- Mexican Cornbread Casserole
I have never made this recipe but it sounds and looks really good. You can find it here. I will let you know next week if it will be added to our meal plan again. (It will not let me save a picture)

Tuesday- Jambalaya 
This is nothing to exciting. It is out of the box and I add the sausage, onion, corn & garlic. 

Wednesday- Roast
This is my specialty!! I love roast. I use a 2-3 lb. chuck roast, potatoes, onion, and 3 mixes. Let it cook all day and serve over rice. 

Thursday- Sausage Breakfast Tacos
Yum! I love dinner for breakfast. This is such an easier, yummy dinner. Chris likes bacon so I make some with bacon and mine with sausage. 

I told you there wasn't really anything to exciting. I don't even have any pictures of the food for you. I don't like doing a post without pictures so here are some of our newest addition... (sorry for the bad cell phone pictures)
 She sleeps with her tongue out
This is right after my dad picked her up. 

I can't wait to give her to my mom!! She is going to be so excited! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Michelle P said...

I hate going grocery shopping when i'm hungry, I always spend around twice as much!

SprinkledWithLove said...

i want the meatball recipe :)

Rebecca said...

omg her lil tongue is adorable!

Allison said...

That's husband went hunting Saturday too! And I also have a Roast in my meal plan this week!

Cori H. said...

I think I'm going to have to try the mexican cornbread casserole. It sounds yummy!