Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meal Plan for the week

Hello!! We are having a semi-relaxing week as far as meals go. We are trying 2 new recipes and hope they go well!!

Sunday- We were super lazy and relaxed all day. I haven't even gone to the store for the week. We had this but with canadian bacon...

Monday- Chicken Enchiladas
I do not have the recipe typed up for these but they are really good!! Let me know if you would like it. 

This is the new recipe we are having this week. I don't think I can mess this one up! 

Wednesday- Meatballs
This is one of my favorite meals I make! I few of you have asked for the recipe and I will type it as I make them this week!!

Thursday- Hashbrown Quiche
This is another recipe from the amazing Ruthie

What's on your menu for the week? 


Kristen said...

I can not wait to get back to meal planning! It's my last week staying at school late during the week so I'm ready to actual make planned out meals again. School's been so busy I really haven't meal planned the past 3 or so weeks!

Leslie said...

The baked chicken tenders sound does the hashbrown casserole!

Erin said...

I love trying to have at least a couple meals planned out in advance. Last night I chopped veggies for almost an hour-- but now they are all set and sorted and ready to be used this week! :)

Mandee said...

I'd love to see the mealball recipe!