Monday, December 3, 2012

December Goals

I have done a few posts in the past where I list my monthly goals and sometimes follow up and other times not. I found a fun link up that I am hoping will hold me more accountable in the month of December! Go check out the amazing blogs from the wonderful link up hostess, Meghan, Meghan, and Lori. This is my first time to participate in the "Go For The Goal" link up and I know yall are as anxious to read my goals as I am to post them so here ya go...

one. finish all of my Christmas shopping by Dec. 15th! I stress myself out every year and am determined to avoid last minute shopping.

two. walk/run with our crazy puppy at least 3 times per week. (This will benefit both of us! Me= Hope to lose a few pounds & Zieg= Release a ton of energy before bedtime!)

three. drink only 1 coke zero a day. I am an addict, I admit it. 

four. to go along with the goal above, drink MORE water. I do not drink enough and really think this will make me feel better everyday. 

five. lose 6 pounds. For those that know me IRL, this might sound like a silly goal but my pants are snug, my shirts are tight and I don't like the way my clothes are fitting lately!

six. keep up with laundry. My husband and I are horrible at this. We wait till everything is dirty and then spend an entire weekend doing laundry. 

seven. keep up with our budget. We have a good idea where our money goes every month but definitely have areas that we can cut back. (Note to self... stay out of Target!)

eight. post and stick to our meal plan each week. With the holidays upon us, we are busy and not home as much as I would like to be. 

nine. hang our dining room curtains and find curtains for our living room.

ten. post at least once or twice a week. Big goal, I know. 

What are your goals for the month of December? Link up with Meghan, Meghan, and Lori and check out everyone else's goals!


Kristen said...

I need to lose 6 pounds too. And that makes it incredible hard this time of the year. Especially with Ryan being out of town. ;) haha

Ashley said...

How are you doing on the Christmas shopping? I still have a few gifts left!